Exploring key themes of leisure and fashion in the post-war period, focusing on the local context of Southend-on-Sea. Chapter one explores representations of the 1950s, including archival film and newspaper articles. The following chapter looks at surviving dress from the Southend Museums Service archive. The case study of a cream sateen swimsuit is analysed in detail and related to the wider themes of fashion and leisure in this post-war context. In the final chapter, an oral testimony provides a narrative of lifestyle in the 1950s, including fashion, leisure and the seaside experience at Southend. 'The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant, it was full of life and happiness' (Joyce Poole)

Joyce and Ernest on the Beach (1951)

Cream Sateen Swimsuit

Francis, P (2020) Cream Sateen Swimsuit Back Panel and Zip [Photograph] [Archive] Taken at Beecroft Art Gallery 04 March 2020. Southend Museums Service. Southend-on-Sea.

Joyce, Jean, and Joy at Blackpool in June (1951)

Swimsuit Construction - 1955 (British Pathé, 2014)

. British Pathé (2014) Swimsuits (1955) [Film Still]

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