Creatures will be reborn in a different world after death. That's what I believe. People don't die, they just go to another world. So since I was a child, I thought there was room between death and reality. No matter what creature, it will pass here after death. Their remains blend from reality into the earth and into the bones here; the soul goes deeper into the world, back to zero, and waits for rebirth. I often feel the existence of the world in my dreams, perhaps because I subconsciously believe in the world and thus come to mind such a picture. And in the traditional culture of various religions or countries, the legend of death is indispensable, and the world after death is well documented. For example, Buddhism's eighteen-story hell and the world of bliss, Christian hell and heaven. Grandpa's departure made me believe more, perhaps in order to believe that he lived in another world. The series [Death & Real] was born. This is a world between life and death.

[Universal Nature]Death & Real World Process

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