The entire company structure from the way the business works, to the graphic identity has all been developed to entice both employees and clientele. The main aim of this project was to find a way to better cater to creatives in industry. Instead of confining creative minds inside offices, the value of remote working is something that many creatives crave and need. There is also a gap in the market for housing multi-disciplinary employees; many of us can do more than one specific job within our field and getting recognition for that is something that companies have not adapted to. Inspired by the humble bumble bee, I took inspiration from their dedication, structure and organisation. On the outside they seem like they are buzzing around in all directions, however when taking a closer look, Bees use various skills to conduct their jobs efficiently. Continuing on this point, the structure of the Cantbeeasked company was made. A key aspect was removing employee hierarchy and also creating catered experiences for clientele with simple changes; by allowing projects to be tackled with tailored small groups that are able to move accordingly from project to project depending on their personal skill set. For example: someone that can do motion graphics and photography can prove to be useful for two separate clients and therefore spilt their time to cater to both projects while flexing different skills. I saw this as inspired by how bees move from one flower to another to collect pollen which as a result turns into honey (the outcome). In general the business would house a vast amount of creative services to be able to provide a one-stop-shop for clients; from promotion to directing and everything in between. The goal is to provide the best by providing space and being as adaptable as possible to both creative and client based needs. Touchpoints include: Brand identity, Logo Design, Website Design, Consultation Form, Business Card Booklet, TV Show Concept, PodCast Ad, Promotional Ad. Find out more

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