In early 2020, a catastrophe swept the world. Ironically, in China, where "personal space" was almost non-existent, the fear of viruses and death has led people to subconsciously maintain a public distance. As someone who has lived for a long time in both China and the UK, I aim to contrast and reveal the different conditions of personal space in these two places through this project. In addition, I hope to be able to evoke empathy for those who are sensitive to "distance" and arousing their reflection on their own personal space. "China's public space is more like a high-pressure warehouse, and the distance between everyone seems to be reaching the critical point of bursting." "......Relatively speaking, personal space in the UK is more loose and flexible."

In today's overpopulation, how to examine and reflect on humanity's own personal space and individual comfort in public places from the perspectives of society, environment, morality, and aesthetics? This question originated today, but it will not stop in the future. 

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