By experienced the light change and collected different light with hand shadow, explore the relationship between humans and nature. Light is one important link between the visual of humans and the cosmos. There are many views to define “What is nature?” “ What is the human?” and “where is the boundary between them”. In my project, light, and landscape stand for “nature” and hand shadows or silhouettes represents “human”. Thus, I created a series of artworks to illustrate this subject, and I hope they can give an open-end question for the audience. Based on lots of research, I suppose that no matter how I define nature, it seems presumptuous. Perhaps the only thing that is not nature is the word nature itself. Finally, I chose a unique perspective to define them. It’s a dynamic process rather than a simple static word or sentence. “The lights belong to nature however here is no nature when one person touches the lights.” In other words, “A forest does not belong to natural things once a person enters the forest.” Whatever, it’s an open-end question. The extension of project is an interactive performance video. (weblink )

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