Re-look Into Rococo.

Assymetric. Curvy. 3D. Human Behaviour. Negative Space. Relaxing (Fun).

Initial Research

Initial Research



Inspiration From Jumpology

JUMP! No.01

JUMP! No.02

Foil For Laser-cut

CAD x Personalised Sequins

JUMP! No.03

Yarn and Final Fabric

Why Handloom?

Handloom Mixed Techniques

Double Cloth Experiment In Process

Handloom Mixed Techniques: Hessian

Handloom Mixed Techniques: Wool

Mixed Technqieus With Beaded Fringe

Plain Weave As Base Fabric

Placement On Body

A Colour Combo For 'Now'

In this sample, I was exploring a colour combination that is most related to the contemporary time, that means, something that will remind people from 'our' time, that's why I chose a strong contrast of neon yellow and grey with a tint of purple.


Heavy & Light


'Simon', details.

My Confession 1: Hands.


My Confession 2: The Gift

How obsessed I am for being Indulged.

My Confession 3: We Should Be Together.

My sick and disturbing willing on friendship. For me, friendship may come without jealousy, but defi-nitely possessive.

My Confession 4: X'mas Tree.

Each year, my friends and I always decorate the Xmas tree with our favourite items. This year, we put all of our soft toys and for me, my most precious gifts are my friends.

The Confession Tapestry: Survey Participants' Stories

Pasttern Explanation: Story 1

Patterns Sent by People

I was planning to invite people to hand stitch anything they want on this tapestry.

Preview: Machine Stitches x Freehand Patterns

Freehand Stitching Examples: Stitched By My Friends

Some of them told me they found it relaxing. I’m aiming to invite more people to join in. See it as a therapeutic way to release stress.

How I See It As A Garment

Or Have It On Shoes

Combining designs with shoes in Rococ silhouette.

My Tribe People

No.14: Peeled Skin / Scars

This 2.5m hand-loomed piece is a free-hand outcome. When I was sitting in front of the looming machine, I was thinking of bleeding scars. It’s because confession to people is like peeling off the hidden parts. It is uncomfortable because it’s facing the scary beasts under their own force. I think like how people dealing with scars, exposure is the first step to get cured. So I was planning to use 3D beading with a combination of bright red Czech seed beads and bugle beads to highlight those ‘scars’. My intention is to encourage people who are or used to suffer. For those who walk it through, those sparkling beads are a celebration for their courage and tough-ness. For those struggling, I hope they can see it as a delicate fire. From the technical perspective, that is also the reason why I chose a relatively dark red because I wanted to get closer to the colour of dried blood. The actual colour of the yarn is actually very bright and vibrant, however, because we have a dark warp, the colour is significantly toned down.

Design Drawing and Fabric Close-up Details

How It Can Be Interpreted in Fashion

I want my customers feel secured in those garment, as well as not being seen as vulnerable, but powerful.

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