Fashion designer Rhiannon Davies has dedicated her graduate collection to the Celtic Goddess of Horses, Epona. Growing up as a Christian with a Pagan name, it was important for her to explore the meaning behind the title of ‘Rhiannon’, originating as a Celtic deity recorded in the Welsh Mabinogion. Epona is believed to be another counterpart of goddess Rhiannon; both Celtic figures who are often depicted astride a white horse. The multifaceted student also raises issues on society’s unrealistic idea of physical beauty, and ‘love’ based on shape as opposed to the soul. Researching into the idea of perfection, she used the concept to create a believable textile response, up-cycling saddles to create abstract posture correctors and corsets, alongside up cycling horse fly sheets for skirts. The main textile was utilising expired knitted bandages, smocking them together and flocking them with old wigs to create hairy animalistic surfaces. She markets this alongside sound, and presents her collection in a two part series. Part 1 features a music video where she has transported the Glastonbury’s shrine of goddesses to her living room, with the garments presented on her own body. Part 2 is an outdoor fashion look-book referencing freedom and ascension, also providing a looking glass for garment detail. The nature of the two part project (first in the home and then outdoors) miraculously follows the mood of the circumstances in the 2020 Lockdown. (Words - Yelena Grelet)

Epona | Fashion meets Song (and the making of)

Part 1 - Fashion film and song

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