This is Chen’s design for Recipe Design studio. She was asked to design a smart product for environmentally conscious people. Aiming to understand this demographic, she conducted a series of interviews. These informed her design - an appliance called Mamaplant. Mamaplant is a smart growing device which transforms a corner of an urban home into a garden. You can buy the appliance, all its accessories and the plants you would like to grow exclusively via the Mamaplant application or website. Mamaplant makes growing produce more accessible and less intimidating, even for those with modest experience. The device changes the traditional way of rearing plants by simplifying the process and eliminating the research and guesswork involved. Mamaplant and its accessories are neat and minimal and and require little hygiene maintenance. The device has three main components. The disc is a grow light and each petal - a smart probe, to be inserted into a plant's pot to monitor its health. The watering can is divided into water portions for ease. Mamaplant tells you about your plants' needs via the app. Mamaplant helps people connect with the food they put on the table and encourages them to engage with sustainable practices.

Rotating appliance

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Petal probe

water, repot, position

plant harvest

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