The project is led by the Tower Hamlet Council to renovate the car park at Roman Road Square. Its main renovations include the renovation of the car park and the demolition of three local buildings to create a new civic activity area. The new building serves as a public square to provide an urban living room for locals. In this project, my proposal is to build a youth-oriented art centre. The project promotes local interaction in different communities based on primary school students. For example, if the primary school students went to the art centre with their parents, the parents who are from different communities might communicate with each other because of their kids. In addition, this space is a collaboration between artists to involve local residents in the process of the exhibition and square construction, thereby enhancing the sense of community belonging of the local residents. In the design of this public square, the visual connection affects residents’ perception and use of this common area. Among them, the expression of this area is determined by the degree of public openness. The more open public space, the greater the sense of security it brings to people.

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