This is a project created in collaboration with a director, Helena Snider, from the Birkbeck University of London. It is a musical, written by Jeremy Brock, dealing with the difficulties faced by the working class. The furnace is the key in the original script and workers lost their job when the furnace has to be fixed. So this is the beginning of the main conflict. Our version of Mary Barton replaces the furnace with an electric motor, which is a fundamental resource of the factories - characters’ working places. The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. What it means it gives power to the massive wheel can be turned. The set is built by multiple revolves and the motor placed in the centre revolve. Also, the circular shape of the set contains democratic nature, which is the value that workers seek to approach throughout the play. I designed the uniform, which is the strong ingredient for representing where they belong and making the companionship contrast with the upper-class ppl, by using denim fabric. Especially dressmakers wear a denim gown on top of their own clothes. It shows they have their own individuality underneath their job.

Mary Barton

A short clip to show how motor works at the beginning of the musical.

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