Magazine Schmagazine, right? Schmagazine is a whale of a time; its pages are square, its contents are strange, its wrists are limp. First and foremost a fashion magazine, it speaks to queer readers who seek the storytelling and dark fantasy elements of style and subculture. The name ‘Schmagazine’ is a childish and sarcastic reduplication ‘magazine’; a distortion of the standardised publication we’ve become accustomed to. The graphic design remembers the colourful playbooks of 1950s, while features explore irreverent and often dark topics. We have a voyage into the adult baby community, the alleged ‘underground puppeteering mafia’, interviews with Sue Tilley, Gareth Wrighton, musings on fantastically awful clothing and more. Schmagazine sits at the crossroads between artifice and sincerity, the bourgeoisie and the rebel (thank you, Madonna), exoticism and eroticism, Disney and Dionysus. Schmagazine is the slick, sharp man in a gay bar who will spill half his mojito on you because of his flamboyant gesticulations, but you keep him around because of the ridiculous anecdotes he tells in the process. It’s queer, it’s wry, it’s Schmagazine.


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