Sebastian and Viola, the twin brothers and sisters, were almost killed in a voyage on the sea. They were both lucky enough to escaped to Illyria. Viola dressed as a man to work for the Duke of Ossino as a waitress and she loved the Duke secretly. But the Duke was in love with a Countess Olivia. However, Olivia did not into him and fell in love with Viola who behalf the Duke to pursue herself. After some interesting twists and turns, Viola and Osino, Olivia and Sebastian are all get married. Although Olivia originally loved Viola. But her brother Sebastian's face is exactly the same as her, which is enough to satisfy her wish. According to my understanding of the script, I feel like everyone is limited themselves in a frame. The rules are like a cage. So I bring the elements of bird cage into my mood board collage. Their mind are like the beautiful birds in a fancy cage, look good but have no freedoom.

Mood collage

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