(by Armin Greder, Site specific design In Shoreditch town hall, 11.2018-02.2019 Collaborated with Kitying Liu) The performance is based on the storyline of ‘The Island' a graphic novel written by Armin Greder. Each performance is for an audience of 1, who experiences the performance through them being given the identity of an Outsider and experiences what an immigrant often goes through. Throughout the performance journey, the feeling of unacceptance and resentment that is often directed towards immigrants will be focused on this 1 person. The aim is for each audience member to experience the life of a resented unaccepted immigrant on their journey. At first they will feel relaxed, enjoying what’s happening, not expecting what is going to happen but then pressure builds and the situation changes drastically. They start to feel uncomfortable but are left to deal with the changing situation alone. It is part of our aim that they might feel depressed or frustrated whilst going through the hardest parts of the performance journey.

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