Frames inside Frames. A minimalism regeneration project


Using one of the busiest areas in London, Leicester Square as a site for eliminating unnecessaries shops and adding more public space for people to enjoy real happiness. Not by modern distraction but using a more natural minimalistic approach to rebuild the whole area. Using minimalism ethos and architecture as a reference to neutralise the overabundant activities in Leicester Square. Method of decluttering (by Marie Kondo) is also used to analyze the whole space and make the place more in order. I designed a building of purification for people to walking through inside and outside continuously, feeling the space and mimicking the Japanese tea house experience to calm people's mind down (From fast to slow activities and to silence.) Ultimately, in my perspective: Minimalism is something we can enjoy, making us free and more concern on what makes yourself as a better person. This is what I learnt most about this project. Thank you my dearest tutor Cyril, Ciri and also my classmates and friends had supported me so much during this project.

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