A tale of two twisted souls. Mr. and Mrs. Twit. The Twit’s are vile, they are vile to each other and vile to everybody else. Soon things get turned on their heads. For this project I designed the ‘Twit’s’ home interior and exterior. My intent was to reflect the warped nature of the characters in their home environment. “Mr Twit felt that his hairiness made him look terrifically wise and grand”. In the same vein I have given the sets a sense of grandness, coupled with a twisted form inspired by the fluidity of the art nouveau style. German expressionism and Gothic revival architecture was strongly researched and incorporated into the design. From the Expressionist, I drew from the geometrically absurd angles. Victorian gothic revival was referenced in exterior design e.g. steeply pitched roof and porch. And inside with the substantial use of wood and dominant entrance. I feel strongly about the colour use and textures to create a sickly feeling.

Exterior Concept

The Twits animatic imagery

White card Model

The Twit's home exterior design

CAD Technical Drawing

The Twit's home interior design

Interior Concept

Sketch-up render

The Twit's interior concept

An oil painting of my concept for the Twit's interior design

Colour CAD Drawing

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