Beyond Sight is a multi-sensory installation designed to explore corporeal experiences and the human sensorium. It aims to raise awareness among young professionals and reassert the importance of physicality over virtuality. It emphasises those sensory experiences which are currently marginalised by our over-reliance on screen-based technologies. Based in Columbia Road, the project highlights the flower market’s sensorial qualities while re-utilising its waste in an creative way.

A visitor in the Sound Station

The installation experience is divided into four spaces and a different sense is stimulated in each one. In the sound station, visitors are immersed in a dynamic sound piece that highlights the sound interactions of the Flower Market and brings attention to commonly unperceived market sounds.

Installation façade

The window display was designed as a threshold for visitors to start understanding the essence of the experience. Thin translucent fabrics with senses images over screens represent how ephemeral and imperceptible our sensorial understanding has become.

Sound station detail

One of the largest wastes from the flower market is the used coffee cups thrown away by visitors. These cups were collected and cleaned to create a flower-shaped structure that forms the installation and emanates different sensorial stimulus.

Inside the Smell Station

This space offers a scent play highlighting the two strongest smells from the market: coffee and lavender. Visitors are challenged to perceive smell changes that sometimes go unnoticed when visiting the market.

Testing booths at Canopy Market

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the final production of the installation was put on hold. However, a test was made at the Canopy Market in Kings Cross (London). Two booths were built to simulate the experiences of the sound and smell stations.

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