The sensitive principle of the body is the bridge between the thick inertness of matter and the ephemeral tremors of spirit, generated by the mysterious divinity of creation. As such, the body – of a human, but also an animal - possesses that encoded matrix of exquisiteness and harmony. ​ Sensitivity saturates subconsciousness with images, which pass the messages of spirit and translate them in a symbolic language. Those imagery puzzles often present archetypal counterparts of representatives of the animal world, deriving from the collective memory. The fox is such kind of element – a totem animal of low emanation, not only with its ability of outer shapeshifting but also whit its quality of mutability, reflecting the eternal dualistic nature of human feelings in their free manifestation, which, in their primordial liberty ally human with animal, vocal with the acoustic creature. Edifying mockingbird, seductive young women, deceitful spirit, infatuated by its playful impulse child – the embodiment of the fox are diverse. But what unifies them its the assessing nature of divergence. ​ In the context of the universal theme about the feminine, attracting the world in its Faustian translation encrypted in the system of moral principles, the fox encompasses the idea of the luscious women, who repents. Her physical embodiment navigates, in fact, the assumption of the luscious soul. Devotion, surrender, vow – symbolically represented by the act of conscious hair cutting by the own hand, not imposed, as it is for the nuns, but voluntarily enacted as a ritual by a priestess, which could be performed only after the fruits of the sin have been tasted - after spiritual decadence in the world of chaos, where the energy of passions rages mindlessly in the loose hair. Long hair channelizes cosmic energy, which used irrational turns into madness – hair is not yet a reflection of the cosmic order, but a devastating force. Similarly, to a tree or a flower, for which trimming is a condition to flourish, cutting the tentacle of the sinful femininity is a condition for the Evil to be uprooted. In a personal aspect and the universal one.


Video and sound installation of Performance

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