Who is the Home-Master? The home-master, a compound word of homepage and master, is inseparably linked with the K-pop online fandom. Most home-masters are young females and they usually take pictures of male idol stars. They run personal websites or twitter accounts to upload and show the pictures they took. Through these activities, they can satisfy their desire to become powerful and famous in certain fandom community. Home-Master series are to reveal how home-masters hide the cameras using their bodies as the marksman puts the gun on his body. In history, female body used to be the object in front of camera. However, the K-pop fandom culture opened a reversed perspective: female photographer’s body is now related to autonomy, independency and even aggressiveness, whereas the male stars’ bodies are more like the object or target of lenses. The main pleasure home-masters make is not entirely from the idol stars they follow off-line, but mostly from the admiring reactions of other fans online. In that sense, home-master exists on the line of demarcation between stars and fans, objects and subjects, and consumers and providers.

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