This film springboards directly off smoking star, playing further with the documentation of sadness contrasting with this fun glittering façade. I see this work as parallel to the earlier glad to be alive painting which deals with similar themes, both play with this idea of ‘you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter’ which I think it hilarious when applied to these very intense depressing emotions that my practise deals with. References for this film came from Emin’s Fortnight of Tears (fig. 3), Tamara Macarthur’s If I were a weeping willow, and a kind of tacky commodification of true emotion, where the line between it being performative and true is blurred. Silver linings plays with the literary device of pathetic fallacy, where the contrast between rain and crying also brings out this sense of the storm eventually passing. The use of the lametta foil as tears further enforces the idea of silver linings and making the best of it. It kind of reminded me of kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing cracked dishes with gold to celebrate their brokenness and make them stronger. By having silver, sparkly tears, I was embracing this weakness whilst exploiting it for artistic gain. I can never remember the name for ‘lametta’, often calling it lamenta instead, the Latin word for weeping or tears, which is very apt for this piece.

silver lining (tears 4 years) (2020)

documentary of isolation

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