Womanhood is about exploring the idea of women dressing up and getting ready. Growing up with my mother and always seeing her getting ready for different occasions became as a starting point of my collection. After watching ‘Ziegfeld Follis’ (1946) and looking at images of showgirls behind the scene, I was most drawn to the action of when women were; putting makeup on, wearing perfume and choosing their outfits. Expanding from this theme I began to explore vintage perfume bottles and the process of extracting flowers. These aspects influenced me to create a sophisticated and luxurious feel like showgirls’ costumes in my collection. Examples of yarn includes viscose and silk to create fine and delicate fabric. Through research and experimentation, I wanted to maintain equilibrium between the environment and beauty. I used bio-resin, which is environmentally friendly and reduces the carbon footprint.


Design Development 1

Design Development 2

Final Outcome

Design Development 3

Final Outcome 2

Final outcome 3

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