Athena is an emotional, educational, and convenient tool to encourage green thinking and tackle green washing indirectly at educational institutions, such as University of the Arts London. Athena is a speaker for recycling bins at UAL because she has found from reflecting on UAL statistics recycling is a problem, and so is ethical thinking after this process. Athena and her friends, who are unfortunately surviving by a fine thread with having to endure much abuse from students at UAL. Athena educates users through tongue and cheek humour. This humour is to engage with the user by halting them in their tracks with a personal comment to create a human connection between object and human.

Athena's Branding

The hands holding Athena, symbolise the teamwork between Athena and fellow recyclers to make UAL a circular, green thinking community.


Meet Athena, this is what Athena would hyperthetically would look like if given the opportunity to exist in physical form.

Waste the Smart Way

The logo for a social media platform linked to Athena. The Instagram page is focused on educating people on recycling, waste-management, and sustainability. This was designed in collaboration.

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