I co-founded a Record Label based in South East London. This label is a creative platform that focuses on music, dance and visual arts.

Where are we based? South East London. 

Who are we? Yohan and Tatiana de Ricard. The name of the record label originates from two lifeguards calling us the dancing family at a music festival in Croatia. 

Our Goal. Through Dancing Family we wish to extend our passion for dancing that we embraced in our daily lives and redefine the meaning of dance music. 

Genres. Any music that is subject to make anyone dance. 

Our releases. They focus on music that makes us live in the now, and enjoy ourselves through dance and togetherness. 

What we provide. This label aims not only to showcase artists and producers' music but also to support them financially through recording, mixing, album artwork, release parties and distribution. 

Family, is very important. For us it reflects the nature of our relationship and also the values of community and togetherness that we wish to transmit through our releases. 

In summary, our music aims to bring people together on the dance floor in order to exchange positive vibes amongst one another. 

And, when you are alone listening to Dancing Family releases, it will make you feel like your surrounded by a 1000 smiling faces.

Dancing Family 9 Points


Music Video Directed my Haroun Yamou and Louise Virot

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