BlckChat is a project that is centred around giving back to Black youth.  The project began as primary research, speaking to current and past Black students about their school education. Most were in agreeance that there wasn't enough time spent on issues surrounding Black ethnicity and identity and also that when there was it was poorly approached. The aim of BlckChat is to help improve these issues. BlckChat firstly can be purchased but also is free to download and with it's simple black and white design, it can be printed in good quality by most domestic/business printers.  The pack currently consists of: - 36X cards with facts and questions surrounding the Black identity in Britain. - 4X worksheets - A question Box and question slip  - Instructions/information page

Card pack

Cards, packaging and instructions


Activity pack worksheets

Cards and instructions

All items

Instructions and cards (Close-up)

How to use if you're not Black instructions

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