This collection is a collaboration of Sikei Chong and Fairuz Adlina. The collection takes inspiration from the ongoing protest in Hong Kong, where citizens are fighting for freedom and democracy. It explores body movement, representing the forces restricting human freedom. The garments in this collection reflects the true definition of freedom in itself, being able to decide future, fate and move liberally. “Freedom will come when we break boundaries”. The collection and garments flows in between shapes, form and abstract and geometric print designs in collaboration with Print designer Fairuz Adlina. Print designs are inspired by sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick. It explores camera effects and a spatial concept, in line with the idea of being trapped and under control.

Sikeichong | Main Collection | Film | Freedom and Restriction

Director & Performer: Sikei Chong Photographer: Hosy Ho Fashion Designer: Sikei Chong @siiker_k Print Designer: Fairuz Adlina @fzadlina Editor: La Plant (Behance Team) Music: Thoughts in Motion by Tristan Barton

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