An Affair of the Shark is a short, surreal film about a love affair between a housewife and a door-to-door tea towel salesmen, who both happen to be sharks. This was a joint project with Daniela Phillips, we challenged ourselves to make it in a single day. With little time to prepare, we decided to remove the element of dialogue. Despite there being no script, the film was highly physical and emotive. The surrealism came from the fact that our characters were sharks.

The premise of the film is that a door-to-door tea towel salesman visits a housewife, he is so seductive and his tea towels are so soft that the housewife invites him into her home. While her husband is away at work, she feeds him some homemade chocolate cake, in a burst of passion. When the female shark’s husband arrives home early from work, the moment of forbidden love abruptly ends.

An affair of the shark

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