This is a pop-up book of sex education. Choosing child sex education as the theme, this decision made very quickly. Because in recent years, I have noticed that the news of children being sexually abused can often be seen online. Even, many people use childrenā€˜s ignorance of sexual ignorance, and children who have not received relevant education to molest or even sexually abuse. In many news that reported excluding other cases of violence against children using violence and other methods, acquaintances account for a very high proportion of crimes. Therefore, it is important to provide simple and basic sex education to children as early as possible. When children have some relevant knowledge, perhaps few real-life tragedies can happen. In addition, having a good sex education will also help children grow up. In this project, I use the pop-up book as a medium to present the knowledge related to sex education. The content of the book will be straightforward and understandable for children. In my early exercises, I learned a lot of pop-up structures making. If you can use many different forms of pop-up structures in my project, it will greatly increase the fun of the book. In addition, when drawing pictures in the later period, using cartoon characters and soft colours will make sex education more common and beautiful. Through this method, more and more children understand physiological common sense and improve self-precautionary awareness.

Practicing works.

Models of my pop-up book.

After some research, I tried put some images and shapes into different pop-up structure.


Male and Female reproductive system in cartoon characters.


Some parts of the pages.


Different stages of growth.


Male reproductive system.


Female reproductive system.


Your life before you brith.

Paper lamp.

Six steps of fetal formation.


Simple information about LGBT+ Please watch this video:

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