Dissecting Travelling Fashion Exhibitions is a series of four conceptual booklets, ‘Object’, ‘Venue’, ‘Display’ and ‘Visit’. Each booklet proposes comparative ways of reading the same fashion exhibition in multiple spaces. Museums have long harnessed fashion exhibitions as commercial blockbusters, making them available for hire nationally and internationally. Travelling fashion exhibitions have expanded the geographical reach of museums and their curatorial content, allowing for broader and more diverse audiences to engage with fashion in an exhibition setting. When a fashion exhibition is re-staged, it arguably exists as an iteration of its original staging – whether duplicated, condensed, reworked, or translated. The graphic interventions in this practice-based outcome seek to suggest visual ways of capturing the mutable biographies of travelling fashion exhibitions. Drawing from literature situated in museum studies, exhibition-making, and fashion curation, the aim of this research is to contend that curatorial preoccupations do shift when fashion exhibitions travel.

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