This project was a collaborative project where I worked with four others to create a character inspired by the 1960's Sci-fi film, The Time Machine. For this project, I was responsible for the make up and prosthetics on face/head and feet. Because this character (a Morlock) lives underground, I wanted him to be pale and to reflect the food that he survived on, hence different shapes and body coming out of his head. I applied a bald cap and applied hand sculpted prosthetics to the brow and forehead. I also created a wig that sat on the back of the head which almost looked like a brain. The wig was removable and underneath were prosthesis to create a balding affect. As for my design process I drew them in order of left to right. Each one I will find my idea until I reached the one I wanted to realise. My initial designs are very rough and organic but as I communicated with my team my ideas became more refined.

Primary design

Design done after group meeting

Final design

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