Move on my words, I’ll sing on your dance is a collaborative project that aims at seeing space, and London in particular through the act of poetry and dance. The idea is to have poets and dancers work together in the interpretation of specific spaces to create a new way of mapping and discovering the city. It will be done though a chain of communication, action and exchange with each performer interpreting the previous performance, alternating between poetry and dance, and in a new location each time.

Screenshot of the interpretation of William Blake's poem, London by a dancer

The dancer Diane Didenko has interpreted the poem London by William Blake. She chose a location in London to enact it, however, due to the confinement she performed it in France.


Through the danced and uttered performances, a new map of London will emerge. People will be able to navigate through the map in order to see the call and response between the dancers and poets, as well as to discover London through a new lens.

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