Fun Lab: All you need is here - inside your own body! is a moveable, interactive happening demonstrating the surprising ability of the human body to produce its very own 'endogenous drugs’. It takes place at Venn Street Food Market, south London and is aimed at young people interested in recreational drugs. Rather than proposing another war on drugs, the project celebrates a more thoughtful approach, starting with a deeper knowledge of oneself as a bodily organism.

What’s inside the coat

Once you receive a prescription get your drug box, with instruction inside how to get naturally high and the most significant pill in the world – made entirely of sugar and completely edible

The happening at the food market

The walking pharmacy costume is getting the attention of curious passersby at the local food market who wonder what this strange character have to do there.

At the prescription counter

The back of the costume acts as an interactive prescription counter – choose a colourful leaflet from the multiple pockets and see which drug you will get prescribed.

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