This is a stop-motion animation about death, adapted from a poem by the American poet Mary Elizabeth Frye,"Do not stand at my grave and weep". The death of a loved one always means sadness and separation to most people. Bereaved people Weep sadly in front of the tombstone, but thinking about death from another angle, no one really knows what way death will lead to. I thought that if the tombstone is used as a door, what remains in the grave is just a skeleton, and the real soul is no longer there. I aim to help bereaved people not to be too sad when facing the death of their loved ones, but also to think more positively about death through this project. When I read this poem, I found that it is consistent with what I want to express, so I adapted this poem and extracted some scenes and images that appeared in it, and finally presented it by stopmotion. In ancient Chinese culture, the butterfly is regarded as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, so I used the butterfly to refer to the soul of the person who passed away. It left the grave to experience different landscapes. The scene is in the reverse order of the real four seasons. I want to express a process from the cold winter to the spring of all things recovering, and eventually the butterfly will fly higher and higher to enjoy the most beautiful night sky where people can't reach. I hope my stopmotion will give the audience a feeling of healing and warmth. So I use non-woven fabric as the main production material of the scene, the texture of the non-woven fabric will have a soft visual sense. At the same time, I also used AE for processing and editing.

Do not stand at my grave and weep

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