This project explores the field of perception, how individuals and communities perceive the world. Using my audience to collect data to express these thought visually. We, as a race are all involved in the world of perception. Without any interaction, emotion, senses, we wouldn’t have any sort of perception as there wouldn’t be any experiences to base it from or a contrasting point of view. As an individual and as a community, we work and interact with each other through our ways of seeing, this is how connections between humans get stronger. When our perceptions are similar or we connect with someone who views the world to a similar point of view than the other. Using common experiences and subjects such as colour and dreams (my two pathways) my audience created a connection between each other, sharing their perception of what they believe in and how have experienced the world with their own eyes, if you might say, their eyes were windows into their souls, their minds. Showing how emotions and experiences can change the way they watch a world through colour, or how they would imagine the world through their dreams according to their experiences and desires in life.

Colours of Life

Final outcome of all the data gathered from my audience by asking them to correlate a specific colour to a question. These are the colours of life, daily experiences we have all had from the ages of 5 to 55 which was my target audience. I gathered all the data and created my own Pantone style swatches of all the questions answered.

Colours of Life

These were the questions asked to the audience in which they had to pick a specific colour based on how they would feel about the question. These questions are based on experiences everyone has had before, something that everyone can relate to yet have contrasting opinions on.

When we close our eyes where do we go?

The title of my project, which questions the entirety of it. Why do we have the same concept of a dream but perceive it in different ways, or is it the same dream but we communicate it in an ineffective way? Or we communicate it through our perception of what we just imagined?

Portal to dream world

This is an illustration of a portal, taking us to the dream world. My interpretation of what the transition would look like from reality to our subconscious. This is part of a film, the full video is here:

"All I remeber is making popcorn in my friends room with a hair straightener."

This was one of the illustrations drawn from the dreams I collected from my audience. I wanted to create a cycle where we would keep using written data and it then be described through someone else’s point of view, and the chain would carry on, by sending out postcards to everyone who participated in my project but using different images to see what final results we can come up with, what ways of perceiving an image could we create?

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