After visiting the ‘Song Dong’ exhibition at the Royal Academy, as well as being Heavily influenced by Andrew Logan's work, I decided to experiment with using glass and creating stained glass pieces. The exhibition made me feel very excited about creating and heavily inspired me to continue to work in the medium of glass. The main mediums I worked with for the rest of the project was wood and glass. Practising working with the stained glass was more time consuming than I had anticipated - the cutting of the glass, to wrapping it in copper tape and soldering it together was challenging for a first attempt. I decided to go for an abstract design to make it simpler. The combination of shapes makes the piece as a whole look very geometric but also communicating a feeling of entrapment, with an abstract piece hanging in the centre of a regular, pyramid shape. Feedback suggested that I should take this juxtaposition between delicate and strong structure further.

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