My visual diary during the global Covid-19 pandemic, being in lockdown in Budapest, Hungary. My stuff was already packed. I was just about to move to a new apartment in London. A few days before we were joking about people taking this whole thing too seriously. Now the Hungarian government is closing down the borders. I already had a plane ticket for the Easter Holiday but that might be too late. I was wondering if this is really happening. I think I still am. The first two weeks just melt into a long, sticky blob of time. I read online that I should set up a routine. So I did. The blob turned into limbo, and I was doing the exact same things every day not really knowing the date or the time but continuing anyway... Waiting for someone to tell me I can stop. March 2020 - ongoing?

8.30 am, morning coffee and check the news

9.40 am, workout and make plans for the day

11.00 am, get ready

12.30 pm, lunch and coffee break

1.10 pm, daydream

2.00 pm, be efficient, resist distractions

3.45 pm, be distracted anyway

5.10 pm, get some fresh air

6.15 pm, call your family

8.00 pm, clear the mind, prepare for evening

8.30 pm, decide what to watch

10.50 pm, try and fail to sleep

12.15 am, get ready to start all again

Congratulations! The lockdown is over. Celebrate accordingly.

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