CAST Bones found on a hillside, bronze cast in a furnace. The process a revelation: CAST CAST Silicone mould…wax. Cups, runners and risers (bronze in, air out) Ceramic shell times 6…..wax burnt out….ammonia dries Fire bonds ceramic shell… Hot hot hot bronze into hot hot shell… Knock off shell, cut off the pieces and CHASE. CHASE. Patinate with ferric nitrate not French skates….. A lot of little bones and a few flints…CAST CAST Photograph and THROW THROW THROW AT THE DRUM CAST AND MAKE NOISE… Record….. The effect was pleasingly complex, still in line with the research. It connected human and animal, along with metal as from Thor’s forge inside the mountain. Each bronze bone can be seen for what it is but still they bring to mind Timothy Morton’s hyperobjects just because they seem uncanny. Together they make up a whole sheep, but sheep do not walk around held together by a skeleton that a human has made in bronze. The more we know about climate change, global warming, the climate emergency the more we realises how all-pervasive it is.

Oil Drum Final

bones hit drum

Bronze bone 1

Bronze bones

Bronze bone 2

Bronze bones

Bronze bone 3

Bronze bones

Bronze bone 4

Bronze bones

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