I watched an octopus (red and slithery, not at all woolly) sliding in and out of a boat hatch on a YouTube video and was aware of the potential for humour. Octopi are often cartoon characters. After much experimentation with the waste raw woollen fleece material, the octopus has become simplified, and its body unnaturally square. It has one hand and one foot each on the end of a tentacle and a megaphone on another to shout its objections to the careless world. The creature lies dejected on the floor and its pan scrub suckers imply the finger holes of silenced wind instruments. Its body is reminiscent of Louise Borgeois’ stuffed humans, Dorothea Tanning’s crammed brown room, or her womanly, bony-spined creature with angular legs/arms. Helped by these models now the creature is a cartoon character washed up on a beach.

Tentacular Thinking

Sea creature made of raw woollen fleece

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