The use of colour and fabric captures the eye of the consumer and entices them into the brand story. Focusing on colour, movement and the finish of fabric, Kiss me baby lingerie aims to create a beautiful and commercial range of lingerie that mimics your favourite lipstick. The project aims to combine two of the most loved sectors of the retail industry into one brand. The two sales that go up in an economic depression are lipsticks and lingerie. I saw an opportunity in the market to combine these two elements and have lingerie that matched the common global trends of lipsticks in the cosmetics industry. By creating a commercially viable collection, my designs appeal to a wider market of women who take interest in not just fashion but make up also.

Colour research

Clashing colours for Spring/Summer 20/21

Initial sketches and range development

Satin kisses line up and colour palette

Technical line up - Satin kisses

Final line up of garments. Satin and eyelash lace fabric used to create the garments.

Final toiles

Fabrics and colour mood board

Close up of final toile - Teddy with french knicker

Eyelash lace


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