Inspired by the Cornish landscape, 'The Cave by the Sea' is a 0k.studios collaborative for which we created a dinning experience in a cave. Each detail of the meal, from the location of the table to the textures of the food are informed from the natural environment. After foraging, documenting, planning and creating we photographed the three course meal.


Foraged nettle, leek and garden rainbow chard terrine, wrapped in courgette weave, accompanied with gorse and Cornish cheddar white sauce and pickled wild garlic buds Foraged wreath with fir pine, kidney vetch, seaweed and wild garlic and willow


Lemon grilled sea bass with new potato crisp and slow roasted garden tomatoes, dressed with salmon roe, pickled onion, cured goose yolk, wisteria, rocket flower, forget-me-knots, nanohana, crown daisy, camomile, cornflower, lemon and dill. Foraged samphire and cucumber shapes Broxe fennel, chervil, cornflower, dill, el- derflower, fennel, forget me knot, London pride, nasturtium phlox, dill, primulas, scented geraniums, sweet wood ruff, viola, wild rocket, strawberry flowers, forget-me-knots


Charred walnut, pumpkin, orange zest, Cornish chocolate & Cornish honey nougat, with black- berry, apple, Cornish mead, lemon and honey jewels Common sorrel, mossy twigs, purple aster, rhodanthemum hosmariense, waxleaf pivet

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