My interest in the body, its notions of interiority and exteriority, and how we inhabit our environments developed my attention to domestic spaces. This motivated me into producing works that centre around objects of our daily lives, such as kitchens, furniture, lamps and flowers. My paintings use abstraction by convening flatness and compromised perception.


Oil on board

figurative man at a bar

60x60cm, Oil on canvas


oil on board

sick man and his poor practise

70x50 Oil on canvas

A French man from Île de Ré

Oil on board 50x40

Tree from 0k.studios Garden of Eden (Still Life)

Oil on canvas 30x30

Still life in kitchen

Oil on canvas 60x60

Main course from 0k.studios Garden of eden.

Oil on canvas 30x30

Grace in her room over lockdown

Oil on canvas 60x60

Kitchen in Falmouth

Oil on canvas 60x60

The bare minimum of kitchen life.

Oil on canvas 100x70

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