Floor Installation (2.5m² Floor Area. Latex, wood, clay, acrylic, sponge, 2x LED lights): The installation seeks to find a relationship between two interests of my practice, museology and science-fiction. Both digital cyberspace and the museum space are places of otherness, existing out of conjuncture to time or location; they are a platform for escapism. The installation was constructed to provoke thoughts surrounding the material nature of technology and its role as an artefact. Through this process there is a repetitive failure to live up to sublimity of the museum space and the relic, something that I am aware of and am beginning to address. Through research into the Naga collections history within British museums, it becomes essential to consider that the importance of the history of a ‘collection’ becomes just as, if not, more important than its original cultural purpose. It is with this in mind, that I can see how my objects lack of cultural use or origins is extremely important when thinking about how it is received within the studio. Considering the work of artist Steven Claydon, I think about how he exposes their manufacture, and find it relevant to exhibit raw material partway through its process alongside finished props in order to reveal its falseness.

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