The concept is called “A Journey of Fantasies” which shows the Jouney of Joaozinho Trinta compared to Fernanda’s own journey and the way she sees it all. The concept starts by telling a story of how joaozinho trinta changed the asthetics of Carnival but Fernanda’s goes more in deeph to the themes used for the carnival parades in Brazil and the development of them into more a magical journey. The main themes used for the development of this concept are the ballet constumes in the 17th Century as well as the ballet and samba dancing movements, ASH Wednesday day, the dunes in the north of Brazil, Bumba Meu Boi myth, the carnival parade and Fernanda’s roots. Fernanda’s collection will show sparkles and magic. She will be using different types of textures using ribbons and lace in forms of embroideries. Lace and satin crepe will be a fabric that she will definetely include in her pieces. The collection will embrace all magical moments, shapes, colours and contour developed by the key words that creates the concept - a journey of fantasies.

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