Equestrian is a range of menswear tailoring designed to maximise the movement available to riders, these garments will also be made with different occasions and weathers in mind so the client can get the up most use of them. This collection is made up of traditional and modern day craft looking to exceed the possibilities of existing riding wear.

Saddle patch pocket

Taking the shape of the saddle and using it to create a patch pocket that is efficient to fit on trousers and jackets throughout the collection. These pockets are detachable and are placed so they do not interfere with the riders movement.

Saddle patch pocket developed

To be made of soft leather so is not heavy but durable and able to wipe clean.

initial designs of coat

Initial designs with saddle patch pocket and exploring which shapes would be most comfortable for the rider.

Design development of rain coat

Design development of rain coat made of tightly woven wool with jersey and leather accents for durability and comfort.

Final line up

Final line up of Equestrian range, suitable for multiple occasions from formal to casual wear and adaptable for different weathers by using a range of fabrics and silhouettes.

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