In the project brief I have decided to work on the theme "figure" so I was studying things that are relavent to the project. I looked at some of the artists/painters works that I got really inspired from, the artists that inspired me are Anna Bjerger and Andrea Vandoni. Andrea Vandoni has been doing paintings of still life objects that are like everyday uses which basically means functional because the objects in her paintings have kitchen equipments and tools. Anna Bjerger's works are based on footwear, like all kinds of shoes, trainers, slippers, sandles, boots and fashion wears. From my perspective, Anna has been selecting many footwears from people's fashion/outfits, for example she has been looking at peoples clothes while they have been wearing them and she compliments their footwear- shoes, trainers, slippers, boots, high heels and sandals like selecting/zooming into those parts of peoples outfits. I got the influences by combinding my conceptions to make paintings as close up views of everyday objects which are linked to Figure, so that people can get attracted to my artwork by figuring out what are these paintings since they are objects which we use everyday. I don't want my work to be obvious.

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