The final outcome was evolved after a series of experiments and explorations involving Indian aesthetics and the theory of Rasa. An amalgamation of cultural and contemporary contexts as well as historic artistic progressions looking at Chola Murals and Bronze Sculptures in South Indian art. I was keen on interpreting linearity devoid of tonality in my drawings influenced by psychic automatism which lead to development of this work. The search of the rhythmic spatial quality was explored by extensive research on Basholi miniatures and Ajanta Ellora murals. Furthermore I also looked at Sculptures of Khajuraho and Elephanta caves which are relics of monumental grandiosity of Ancient India. These explorations envoked a sense of nostalgic sentimentality that I aimed to seize through my work. I aimed to procreate a utopia captured amidst collapse, a distorting hinderance, a deconstructed mural oozing of organic colour. The saturated palette of Basholi miniatures and the linear grace of Ajanta Caves played a pivotal role in the compositional building. I aimed for the work to echo of historic abstractions present dissolving all pre conceived modernist notions one is subjected to believe. Further intending to enhance the euphoric anthropomorphism, the disfiguration and distortion present in Ancient Indian Art.

A Child's Renderings

Drawings playing with the idea of whimsicality and environment. Pastel and Acrylic on Paper.

A Hastily Summoned Pandemic

Oil Pastel Drawing with Automatic Drawing including Anthromorphic Elements

Miro's Poignancy

Painting playing with: Abstraction; Primitivism and Collage

Transgressions of Turmeric: Unveiling Shrouded Pigments

Installation made out of collage cut outs, painted with organic spice paint.

A Lagoon of Transparency

Watercolour Automatic Painting with Somatic Forms and Motifs.

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