During the project brief I have looked up some paintings that were done by Colin Smith and Hiroe Komai which are from the JGM Gallery so I went to their gallery to see their paintings. I have seen some close view paintings of clothes, some of them have pattern designs on them and the canvas paintings were full of different designed patterns which are all in huge sizes of canvases which I really want be working with. I analyse their pieces and they really get me thinking that the patterned designs can be used to make anything, by what I mean that they can have those designs on certain things such as clothes, wallpaper, wrapping paper, curtains, pillow covers and duvet covers. Since each of colins and Hiroes have been making these paintings that are structured/expressed into sections of the designed patterns next to each other they get me figuring out what they are. I have decided to make paintings of designed patterns on 2 of my canvases, that time I was using oil paints because with those elements they can easily be blending colours. Each of my art pieces I have been doing 3 sections of the pattern designs differently and as for the background I have been using other tones for each of them to give them that material such as cloth textured looking. I was using some small pieces of objects - like the lid bottle to paint round them to make patterns. As I put both of my final outcomes together I get influenced to do huge sizes of canvas paintings of them, which they do look like I have done from the observation.

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