The inspiration for my graduate collection, entitled "Art's Jukebox", comes from my father's band's album of the same name from 1993. The band, Big Blue Bus, were largely from Sudbury, a small mining town in Canada with a vibrant community of musicians. My goal was to use the lyrics from the album as a lens into my father's childhood, and what it may have been like for all of the members of the band growing up in Sudbury in the 1970s. Sustainability is very important to me and was also a focus of my collection. All of my yarns are made from pre-consumer denim waste, the leather is from designer deadstock, and all of the fabrics are either recycled from existing garments or GOTS certified organic cotton.

Spoon Face: Music Video

Video showcase for my collection, using music from Big Blue Bus. Models: Olivia Rodrigues and Michelle Byrne, Production and Direction team: Perry and Caroline Battista, Band: Chris Di Salle and Tracy B. Dunlop, Dancers: Chloe Di Salle and Alice Battista, Editing and Direction: Ciara Di Salle.

Lookbook Page 1

Model: Olivia Rodrigues

Lookbook Page 2

Model: Michelle Byrne

Lookbook Page 3

Models: Olivia Rodrigues and Michelle Byrne

Lookbook Page 4

Model: Olivia Rodrigues

Lookbook Page 5

Model: Olivia Rodrigues

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