For my final Project I wanted to explore the them of war and revolution. I decided to focus on something personal and controversial which was the Mozambique revolution. The Portuguese had colonised Mozambique and became a colony where my family was born and raised ( Portuguese) However in 1974 there was a revolution in Portugal getting rid of the Portuguese regime ( Estavo novo ) and with one of the demands to get rid of Portuguese colony's and give these countries independence. This was day for celebration of course but not for the Portuguese stuck in these colonies. My Grandad and dad talk about how they felt back then when protesters unfortunately killed my great grandad and grandma while trying to flea to South Africa where they reside this his day.It is clear to clarify that the Portuguese regime killed thousands of people just because they were black. My goal of this animation was to present both sides : the Portuguese fearing for these lives and the people of Mozambique who wanted freedom and justice.

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