Our task was to create an animatic using an artefact we found in the British museum. I decided to use a small copper pin head that was created in the Ur century in Africa somewhere around Morden Kenya. My goal for this animatic was to understand story telling , a key skill as an animator , and to tell emotional stories. To do this I looked to Dan Harmon and his show rick and morty since he's know to use the hero's journey template when it cones to story telling. The basic structure follows that a person is called to adventure , they then must go out there comfort-zone , death and reborn , transform and finally come back but changed one way or other. In the end I finished with a emotional animation where the audience can engage with the main characters.

Hi Honey

story follows a mysterious artefacts from the new world taken and displayed in a museum but after 3 hundred years it finds its way into the hands of Francisco

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