Everyday,which means normal. But we are all living within it. The epic, this might make people look forward to see but it just appears randomly. However, you can see every epic is build up by millions ‘everyday’. The photographer was chose London tube as the fuse to make audience “feel” life. Like we all have acknowledge about history, London tube as a symbol of London and it built up since many years ago. It even became the space that protected a lot people’s life during the war. Today, tube still running as the popular traffic tool in London. We have to admire this, no matter through the time or through efficiently. The tube inspire the photographer to observe public’s behavior on the tube. she could found life was display in there, but not the beautiful side. For example, there are many people doing their makeup on tube just for safe time; people trying to finish their meal in short time; how people doing during every rush hour everyday… The tube has rich background and context already. And it is fashion, fashion is appears in everywhere rather than fashion show. Tube is a good place to show people’s fashion taste. Especially office worker— they need to hide their personality, but we are all human beings. This project shows my respect to people who are struggling for their life, working hard for their family.

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