From my Terroir. Sincerely, Sarah is a publication, a diary of my time in confinement. It focuses on how I’ve linked with my roots again, my « terroir ». Terroir is a term central to my work, unique and particular to French language. It combines the concepts of ground, soil, climate, food specialities, folklore and culture, and creates this individual and unique identity we call Terroir. During this confinement time, focusing on food became what gave rhythm to my days. I quickly sought out to learn from the community that surrounded me, trying to make the most out of the situation. My mother assigned me to different house tasks, at the same time she taught me different cooking techniques. I also had the pleasure to visit different farmers and producers, neighbour baker and had time to have long discussions with my (farmer) parents who have this shared love for the soil and accordingly the produce able to grow from it. Those exchanges were a real turn in starting and all throughout shaping my work. From there came the interest in the concept of Terroir. I was then inspired by the project «With our own hands» ,which is one of my case studies in my essay, in the way they documented this communities’ food traditions but also their stories, rituals, struggles. They captured an identity in the form of a book and photographs. That influenced me in the choice of the format my diary was going to take. My diary acts as a log of this valuable time in confinement where I was able to take time in reconnecting with what I hold dear. It is a combination of carefully taken photographs that aim to reflect the area I come from, and is laid out in a way to leave room for the visuals to talk for themselves.

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